What SEOs Do


SEOs are any business that focuses on creating effective SEO – or search engine optimization – for brands and companies’ online content.
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These can be businesses that focus exclusively on creating the most effective SEO strategy or businesses that incorporate SEO into a larger online marketing plan that includes other facets like social media marketing and brand development. SEO improves the position of a company or brand in the listing of search engine results. The better the SEO of a site the more likely it is to show up on the first page of results any time a related query is entered into the search engine.

With that in mind it’s easy to see the potential that high quality SEO has to drive visits to a site which in turn increases that site’s visibility and engagement, and hopefully drives sales and subscriptions to whatever services the site offers. Search engines are aware of the opportunity for free advertisement that a good position on a results page can pose and realize that because of this businesses might be tempted to take advantage of the situation by trying to appeal to as many search result pages as possible whether they are a relevant fit for that page or not. To counter this search engines like Google have created standards and best practices which are in place to ensure that websites cannot manipulate their vetting system or unfairly influence search engine results. Bots and algorithms are in place to sift through a site’s content and determine the relevance and quality of that content. Any site found to be in breach of the guidelines or to be crowding keywords is penalized and their SEO ranking is greatly diminished.

Therefore it’s important to be aware of the guidelines and rules that search engines have laid out for proper content and to use the free tools they offer to aid in SEO content development. Good SEOs are knowledgeable about the system and particularly how it uses bots to crawl websites and analyze the relevance of the information they contain. There is proper etiquette that must be observed and certain criteria that an reputable SEO development business will be aware of and conscious of adhering to when creating content that is ideal to what the client needs. Keyword research, a well built and well maintained website, and high quality, relevant, unique information are the basics that SEOs build their plans and develop web-based content around.