Algorithms and Standards


How Do SEOs Determine Algorithms and Standards

SEOs are a valuable resource to anyone looking to enhance their web content’s SEO presence because these professionals have done the necessary research and know how to go about the complicated process of developing content that will pass the criteria and algorithms that search engines have in place to decipher quality and unique relevant content.

To do this SEOs have to have methods of anticipating how these algorithms behave and what the search engine bots that crawl websites are looking for. Because the algorithm and criteria of search engines are fluid and ever changing it is incredibly difficult to know what they look for, so SEOs have developed careful and tested methods of creating content that fits the criteria search engines are always looking for.

One way that SEOs have of doing this is to look at comparable sites that rank high on related searches and studying their content for what works to optimize their SEO. They take the information they gather and use it to determine what drives the SEO of that site so high, they then apply these same details to the site they’re developing and monitor how it affects site traffic and if it affects the sites SEO placement. Content on the site is then adjusted according to how well the site performs.

Data mining is another method that SEOs use to develop optimum SEO web content. This method takes into account as much data as possible of high ranking sites on search engines and analyzes it. Hundreds of keywords are are used to determine what sites are consistently ranked high in search results, then an analysis is done to see what SEO content is present on these sites and driving their ranking so high. The information collected is then analyzed and SEOs are able to see which parts of the seo content are effective and which are not.

Both processes are complicated and highly involved but both are effective in that they allow SEOs to quickly and efficiently develop content that will almost certainly be relevant. These methods also allow SEOs to avoid spending time developing content that doesn’t directly affect SEO ranking. Because the know that search engine criteria and algorithms hold relevance and uniqueness in the highest regard they know that content has to be of those factors and of high quality in order to be considered, but the above methods help them to also prioritize and to see what’s worked for other websites and implement it in their developments and maintenance of their clients sites.

Keywords, the different ways that different search engines critique sites, and the way the site is referred to on other sites on the web are also factors that search engines look for and SEOs know to incorporate into the content they develop. These factors are all researched and tailored to fit the needs of the site in question.