Search Engine Tools


SEOs and Search Engine Tools

In addition to the protocols that can be built into sites to maintain and maximize SEO there are tools provided by the search engines themselves that can be used to boost a site’s SEO as well. Search engines are aware of how appealing having priority SEO content is to brands, blogs, and businesses and they also know the value of providing their users with a variety of quality and unique answers in the list of results to their queries.

Google, Bing, and Moz are three of the most used and well known search engines in the world and each has developed and made available several tools that developers are free to use and incorporate their findings into the new content.

Google has a geographic target tool that allows developers to specify their region and optimizes their SEO position when related searches are done in that area. Google also has a preferred domain tool that the search engine uses to redirect content to domain names specified in the index of a website even if the site name isn’t typed with the correct prefix or suffix. URL parameters help search engine bots crawl sites with speed and efficiency and crawl rate dictates the speed at which the search engine bots crawl a site. Google also has tools that search sites and alert them to malware and tools that can report site errors and hymn issues.

Bing and Moz also have tools that aid SEO developers in their endeavor of creating content that will be ideal for search engine results. With the help of these tools it’s possible for SEOs to create the best possible content and consistently maintain relevant and quality content on the site.