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SEO and Site Content

There are lots of details SEO’s consider and carefully construct to fit into the criteria of what a search engine looks for when they crawl a site. The written and keyword content is only a part of it. There are many other areas that search engines crawl and critique to determine site quality and relevance.

Sitemaps give hints to search engine bots on how to crawl the website the refer to. Site map lead bots to areas of websites they wouldn’t normally go to without being led by a sitemap. Sitemaps also highlight several various types of content including content as different as photos, videos, and word posts. There are three different types of sitemaps each of which have different characteristics and each of which work better for certain sites than others. SEOs choose between XML, RSS, and TXT sitemaps based on their expertise and preference as well as the needs of the site they’re developing.

Another detail of websites that search engine bots pay a great deal of attention to is the Robot.txt file. This file not only instructs bots on how to crawl the site at hand it also can restrict access to areas of the site that it doesn’t want the bots to evaluate. The Robot.txt file dictates by being written with instructions on where crawlers may and may not go and can also be programmed to prioritize the order in which the site is looked over to ensure that only the most relevant content is examined by the search engine bots. By using the Robot.txt file SEOs are able to set up commands that prompt search engine bots to crawl and interact with the content of a site in a way that is most beneficial to the site.

Other details that SEOs can include to encourage the way search engine bots crawl a site are Meta Robots that tells these bots to crawl specific pages for specific content and a protocol that allows a site to link to other sites with relevant information without allowing search engine bots or algorithms to recognize that link and give the other site an added SEO boost.
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